The first time I met a real computer was when I was around ten, it was our neighbour's Commodore 64. I was so excited that my dad had to buy one for my brother and me. When my neighbor upgraded to a Pentium PC, we got that too. Jumping a few years ahead, my parents enrolled me in a course to learn about Windows 3.1 and coding in Basic. I finished it before I turned 14; the invigilator barely gave me the certificate because I wasn't 'old enough' yet to have a personal ID which was a requirement in Hungary to get certified. I'm not saying I was a kid genius, but my interest in computers was very obvious from an early age. I was already deeply in love with movies, but computers seemed to be my new passion.

I built my first PC mainly to write songs with Fast Tracker 2, but it also helped me to manage my massive VHS catalog when I was running a possibly illegal renting business in small when I was 12 years old. Then I become a big fan of diskmags. I ripped apart their codebase to see how they worked. I wrote some Basic programs by that time, but it was just a hobby. Over the years, I learned about Turbo Pascal, Perl, and became very familiar with Corel Draw products and Paint Shop Pro.

Then came the internet. I started coding websites for Netscape Navigator through a dial-up modem with FrontPage Express, using the earliest versions of HTML and CSS. In my twenties, I launched a movie website which I still own till today, and began to deliver real projects for real companies.

Various desktop setups between 2009 and 2020
Various desktop setups between 2009 and 2020

In 2009, I needed something more permanent. Years later, I grew tired of agency projects, so I quit to become a freelancer and work for my own clients. After two challenging years, rent and bills eventually won, and I lost my independence. Since 2013, I have been an employee. In the last decade, I have worked for small agencies and even large corporate machines.

I have been building websites and web applications for 23 years now. I started as a web designer, but found myself more efficient in site-building, and eventually trained myself to become a proficient PHP developer. I find myself more satisfied with backend programming, but Tailwind and Vue drew my attention back to frontend for a bit. I met JAMstack, tried myself in mobile development and gained some necessary devops knowledge. My curiosity knows no boundaries.

I was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary, but I moved to England in 2017 and restarted climbing the career ladder from the bottom. In just five years, I have achieved all the goals I have ever imagined in my career.

Although I've worked mainly in web development in the past two decades, I consider myself an open-minded software developer, eager to learn and explore everything that advances my experience and keeps my brain engaged. I've been working from home fully since COVID-19, but I'm always happy to pop in an office, jump in a meetup or spend the day in a co-working space.

In my free time, I'm just a geek dad in his early 40s who also collects records and love to spend time in the nature. I'm somewhere between an introverted and extroverted person, but I'm always ready to travel and immerse new cultures.