Here are the stuff I'm using for work and hobby projects.


  • MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2017, 2.3 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5, 16 GB, 512 GB SSD)

    Let's be clear: I hate it. It's one of the worst laptops made by Apple. Warmer than a hot plate, the battery drained after 2 years and the keyboard sucks, several keys are just not working anymore. And you can't say I'm a heavy user. When I bought this was the only affordable Mac on the market and I needed to carry on with side-projects.
  • MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2020, 2.3 GHz Quad-Core Intel i7, 32 GB, 500 GB SSD)

    I got it from my workplace. The Touch Bar is an unnecessary gimmick, but the new-old keyboard is finally back! The performance is more than enough what I'm using for and it gave back my faith to Apple computers. Batteries could be better, I can't wait to see what's M1 is capable for!
  • Dell U2715H

    I don't believe in multiple monitor setups and multitasking, the bigger the best. Sometimes I'm dreaming of a 34" 4K monitor, but until she dies it's gonna stay on my desk.
  • Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad - Space Gray

    I'm keen to jump on the mechanic keyboard train, but before I couldn't resist this beauty. Scissors mechanism as it best. I'm only sad because the lack of the background lights.
  • Logitech MX Master 3

    I only looked away once to the Magic Mouse and tried an MX Master 2, but I couldn't go back anymore. It's more ergonomic and I honestly love the endless scrolling button.
  • Logitech c920 HD Pro

    Great for HD conferences, especially in these remote working times. Took me a while to buy it, but I use it everyday since.
  • Sony WH‑1000XM3

    I'm not a big fan of Sony products, but this one really kicks Bose Quietcomfort 35 in a butt. I wish it could connect to multiple devices at the same time (they fixed this in MK4) and it could turn off automatically when I'm using it with the Macbook.
  • AirPods Pro

    I know, why the hell do I need another headset?! Try it for phone calls, listening podcasts and music in the bed and you'll understand. Very comfy earphones with a super cool charging method.
  • Apple iPhone 12 - (PRODUCT)Red

    I'm a loyal iPhone user since the 3GS. I only had three other iPhones after that: an iPhone 4s, an iPhone 6 and an iPhone 7. After four years I earned some kind of reward, so I bought the latest model, but not the Pro, because I couldn't see the potentials of the LINAR sensor and an additional camera in my everyday.


  • Autonomous SmartDesk 2 DIY standing frame

    I bought this on a Black Friday Deal for bargain. I've used a standing desk previously and I was missing it sometimes, however you need to be discipline to use it occasionally and find the right balance between standing and sitting. I have three height setups at the moment: sitting, making music and full standing.
  • IKEA Övraryd table top, bamboo, 150x78

    I switched to this (dining) table top from a Bekant 120x60. I love desks with large depth and finally I have decent space for all of my stuff. Had to pre-drill some new holes for make it work with the Autonomous frame, but they are a close perfect match.
  • TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp, 14W with USB Charging Port

    I was looking for a stylish LED table lamp when I found this fine product of TaoTronics. Not perfect, but it does the job.

Dev tools

  • PHPStorm

    I had to give this IDE multiple tries, but we've been officially dating in the last two years. It feels an overkill, because it has built-in EVERYTHING, but once you start using it you cannot go back to blindness. And light theme, obviously.
  • Sublime Text

    When I need something to edit quickly or there's a large database dump or CSV I just launch Sublime instead.
  • Querious 3

    I was a Sequel Pro user for a long time, but after last year it left without a maintainer I thought it's time to pay for something permanent. I've tried multiple tools like MySQL Workbench and TablePlus, but I picked Querious at the end.
  • iTerm 2 with OhMyZsh

    I always used the official Terminal app on macOS then I gave a go for iTerm 2 and I liked it. Zsh bash is also built-in since Catalina, but OhMyZsh gives it more spice.
  • Laravel Valet

    I was a massive Homestead user for years on Mac after I ditched MAMP Pro then realised most of my projects don't require any virtualization or specific packages. It's still my main environment, but the more I learn about Docker it's possible that one day it follows MAMP's fate.

Music production

  • KRK Rokit 5 G4 White Noise

    I had a pair of Mackie MR5 MK3 for years, but after I moved to the UK I had to sell it. I was sharing a Sonos One with my son for music listening, but this year I decided it's time to get back to music producing and I want real stereo speakers on my desk. They are amazing!
  • Ableton Live

    I was on Fast Tracker 2 in my childhood and a Live user in my adulthood. I've tried Logic and Fruity Loops, but nothing beats the layout and the possibilities with Live.
  • Akai APC40 mkII

    Great for writing songs from loops, live acts and DJing. It's a perfect match for Ableton Live.
  • Akai MPK Mini mkII

    It's an awesome little tool for writing music and playing with VSTi-s. Sometimes I wish I would go for a bigger one with 49 keys, but hey, the fact that is fit in your backpack is unbeatable.
  • EMU Xboard 25

    It is my first MIDI keyboard. About 12 years old, I wanted to sell it multiple times, but somehow stayed with me. The knobs and triggers are old-school comparing to the Akai Mini, but I guess that also gives its charm.
  • Blue Yeti

    It's a great microphone, but not for podcasting as it records every tiny details in the background. However I've stopped podcasting recently so replacing it is not my priority at the moment.
  • Audio-Technica ATH-M50X

    Wireless isn't good enough for producing, you need cables and instant feedback. Be careful with the volume, it's really crisp and loud!